The manufacturing of quality food products is the ultimate goal of every processor in the industry. Likewise, Orchem takes pride in employing a team of knowledgeable and experienced sanitation professionals who share the same vision as our customers.

Our company is committed to protecting the health, safety, and well-being our customers, the consumer, and our environment. Efficiently and effectively cleaned food plants produce quality, food and beverage products. Orchem has been a beacon in the industry since 1981, utilizing our experience, know-how, on-site training, and troubleshooting expertise to provide peace-of-mind sanitation and pathogen free production environments.

Orchem offers a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing solutions including:

  • CIP System Cleaners
  • Self-foaming alkaline/acid detergents
  • Low-foaming alkaline/acid detergents
  • Boil-out products
  • Caustic reducing/performance enhancing additives
  • Chlorinated cleaners
  • General purpose and neutral pH cleaners
  • Complete line of sanitizers
  • Specialty products
  • Custom designed products
  • Dispensing/proportion-control systems
  • Technical support

Our products are formulated and produced within the guidelines of USDA, FDA, EPA, GRAS regulatory compliance standards. Orchem technical specialist’s can assist in HACCP program development and creating account specific SSOPs. Orchem offers a wide variety of audio visual in-plant employee training programs, including chemical safety training, principles of cleaning, CIP system training, basic chemistry 101, and a closer look at microorganisms and foodborne pathogens.


If you have a special need for a product not currently listed in our line … we’ll make it for you. Orchem’s staff of research and development professionals has over 35 years of specialty chemical formulating experience. Our energies are focused on listening to our customers’ needs and wants. In fact, our customers are the most important members of our marketing team. Sanitation is an evolving process. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. And we need our customers’ input to continue to provide cutting edge cleaning technologies. Quality, innovation, accuracy, and consistency are not accidents. They are the essential elements for building a championship team. They are the essential elements adopted and practiced by Orchem. We are the quality people who create quality sanitation programs so our customers can produce quality food products.