Brite Line LF


  • Low Foaming
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Free Rinsing

BRITE LINE LF is a low foaming, super-concentrated acid cleaner and detergent. This special acidic compound uses a blend of hydrochloric and phosphoric acids to quickly remove burned-on deposits. This specially designed low foaming product contains a sophisticated blend of acids and surfactants. The product is ideal for use in CIP systems, spray cleaning tanks, plate heat exchangers, evaporators, process lines, and storage tanks. This remarkable, fast acting cleaner provides rapid penetration of mineral scale, milkstone, and other deposits, promptly loosening the bond between the soil and the surface being cleaned.  Defoams protein soil.


Form: Clear liquid

Color: Red

Odor: Slight acid

Density: 9.7 lbs./gal.

pH: 0.1 as is

Phosphate Content: 5.9% as elemental phosphorus

Cleaning: A low-foaming blend of acids combined with detergent makes BRITE LINE LF one of the most powerful acid cleaners available. The rapid penetration and solution of baked-on stone, mineral deposits, and protein is easily accomplished. BRITE LINE LF drains freely and completely. IIII

Long Lasting: BRITE LINE LF’s combination of high strength acidity and detergent means that cleaning strength is not dissipated quickly even when used to attack the heaviest contamination. II

Low Foaming: Ideal for spray and circulation cleaning at cold or hot temperatures.