Super Foam CL

Self-Foaming Chlorinated Caustic Cleaner

SUPER FOAM CL is a heavy-duty chlorinated caustic cleaner for foam, soak, high pressure spray and manual cleaning applications in the food processing and beverage industries and for animal handling facilities.



Appearance: Clear liquid
Odor: Mild chlorine
Color: Yellowish
Available Chlorine
at 1 oz. /gal.: >200 ppm
Density: ~9.7 lbs. /gal.
pH at 1%: ~12
Phosphorus Content: Nil
Silicate Content: None
Total Alkalinity
as Na2O: ~10%

Chlorinated Caustic: Caustic soda and a high level of available chlorine insure rapid penetration and removal of organic soils including fats and protein.

Wetting Agents: Increased soil penetration and free rinsing.

Surface Safety: At recommended concentrations, safe for use on all grades of stainless steel, natural and most synthetic rubbers and plastics. Do not soak clean aluminum or galvanized parts.