General Purpose, Moderately Alkaline Liquid Cleaner and Additive



FOAMOX is a general purpose, moderately alkaline liquid cleaner designed for a variety of food processing applications. Its high detergency and excellent foaming characteristics make it useful for hand and soak cleaning of pans and utensils.

FOAMOX is excellent for hand washing laboratory glassware in food processing facilities. It is effective for hand and soak cleaning of utensils, fittings and equipment used in poultry, meat or dairy plants.

FOAMOX has been specially formulated to be used as a foam additive in combination with hydrogen peroxide-based STAIN OFF. Can be diluted for spray gun cleaning of exterior surfaces of vats, tanks, fillers and equipment.


Appearance: Clear liquid
Odor: Mild
Color: Green
Cleaning: A product that can be used in water of any hardness with equally effective results. FOAMOXX quickly penetrates deposits, then emulsifies and disperses the residue.
Density: ∼8.56 lbs./gal.
pH: ∼11 as is
Phosphate Content: Phosphate free
Surface Safety: Safe on most surfaces