Liquid Cirket 880

Low-Foaming Chlorinated Liquid Detergent Containing Polymer Boosters



LIQUID CIRKET 880 is a premium alkaline detergent for low foam CIP and circulation cleaning of tanks, vats, transfer lines, fillers, tumblers and other equipment in food processing operations, meat, poultry and seafood plants, breweries, bakeries, dairies, etc. Ideal for spray cleaning, machine washing, pumping through lines, and most other CIP cleaning processes. Contains a special polymer booster. Effective plastic, tub, tray, and case wash. Not recommended for use on aluminum, galvanized, or other non-ferrous metals.


  • Economical Extremely concentrated for high levels of dilution – allows for low use cost.
  • Labor-saving Reduces the need to disassemble some types of equipment. In most cases, eliminates the need for manual brushing.
  • Heavy-duty Powerful cleaning action quickly and effectively removes many tough soils.
  • Low-foaming Reduced foaming levels enhance CIP cleaning and rinsability. Eliminates the need for expensive de-foamer additives.
  • Multi-functional Can be used in a variety of applications, including circulation, soak, pressure washing, and boil-out, reducing the need for additional products.


Appearance: Brown Liquid
Odor: Characteristic
Alkalinity (as KOH): Very High
pH (1% solution): 12.0
Foaming: None
Flash Point: None
Bulk Density: ~ 9.6 lbs. /gal.
Solubility in Water: 100%
Rinsing: Good
Chlorine Content: 2%
Phosphorous as P2O5: 0.6%
Hard Water Performance Excellent
Freeze/Thaw Stability Moderate