Orchem LP 1167

Self-Foaming Mildly Alkaline Chlorinated Metal Safe Cleaner



ORCHEM LP 1167 is a mildly alkaline, chlorinated, self-foaming product that only requires dilution with water before use. ORCHEM LP 1167 is specifically designed to remove proteinaceous soils such as those found in canneries, bakeries, dairies, breweries, soft drink, hatcheries and animal handling facilities, and meat plants. It is safe on all metals including aluminum and galvanized steel. ORCHEM LP 1167 contains a blend of foaming wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents that emulsify fats/oils and provide excellent film free rinsing. The added boost of chlorine gives excellent protein film and mold removal.


Appearance: Clear liquid
Odor: Mild Chlorine
Color: Yellowish
Available Chlorine at 1%: >250 ppm
Density: ∼9.5 lbs./gal.
pH at 1%: <12
Phosphorus Content: 1% as P
Total Alkalinity as Na2O: 3-5%
Self-foaming: No additives necessary for foam applications.
Chlorinated: Rapid penetration and removal of organic soils including fats and protein.
Wetting Agents: Increased soil penetration and free rinsing.
Concentrated Liquid: Easily dispensed; provides maximum use-cost effectiveness.
Surface Safety: At recommended concentrations safe for use on all grades of stainless steel, aluminum, natural and most synthetic rubbers and plastics.